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Our toddler program is very similar to our infant program with helping you child grow and develop. Music, puppets and sign language are very much a part of the curriculum for children under two years of age.  Our toddler program emphasizes language development, coordination skills, self directed activities, sensory development and self help skills.

Hands-On Learning

Toddlers are given many opportunities throughout the day to explore their surroundings.  Our teachers facilitate this exploration by offering age appropriate toys, manipulatives, books, and experiences to your child.  We can share with you ideas for activities that you and your child can do together at home to help reinforce what they are learning at Child’s Play.

Mental/Social Stimulation

The toddler program stresses the importance of nurturing, security and love.  While still focusing on the individual child, we introduce cooperation and sharing among friends. Teachers act as facilitators and role models during social interactions.

Rest Time

Child's Play will provide your child with a crib (12 months or younger) or a cot for napping.  We also provide the bedding, such as sheets and blankets. If you prefer, you may bring in a small blanket for your child.  If your child needs a security item, please bring it into the center so that your child may rest more comfortably.


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Sheboygan Day Care

Seamless Transition

Our children were born very premature. When it was time to go back to work, to say it was stressful would be an understatement.

The staff at Child’s Play made the transition seamless, for the children AND mom and dad! We have come to trust Miss Missy and Miss Ashley to be our eyes and ears while we are at work. They are in tune with our children’s norms and will alert us if either child seems not themselves. The staff members are always ready with a kiss, a hug and a snuggle….plus they read, sing, do art, blow bubbles and play.

Erin K.