Child's Play Day Care

Junior Kindergarten

For children ages 4-5 years old, our educational, structured, creative, exciting, and hands-on Junior Kindergarten program is the perfect choice!


Our Junior Kindergarten program builds upon previously learned skills using theme-based curriculum. Our writing activities are based on the Handwriting Without Tears program. Daily schedules include circle time, art, writing, music and movement, outside play and theme based activities. Your child participates in large and small group activities while still getting one-on-one with our teachers as needed. Our emphasis is on Kindergarten readiness skills with lots of laughter and fun!


Verbal and written language are a focus in our Junior Kindergarten program. Your child is encouraged to express his/her thoughts, feelings, wants, and knowledge using language. Your child is introduced to letters, recognizing sight words, beginning writing skills, sign language, and Spanish vocabulary. Books and stories are used every day to reinforce concepts of language. Using the Handwriting Without Tears program your child learns the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.

Mental/Social Stimulation

Appropriate interactions with peers are stressed as your child becomes more involved in friendships. Self-expression is emphasized. Your child is also becoming more self-reliant as an individual. Independence and problem solving are focus areas that we work on in our Junior Kindergarten program. Your child is given direction by the teacher and allowed to attempt and accomplish tasks on his/her own. Real life skills are explored such as cooking, shoe tying, hand washing, and dressing yourself (ex.coat on and zipped). We aid your child in developing a great self concept!

Field Trips

Field trips are a strong component of our Junior Kindergarten program. They are very educational and a great opportunity for your child to explore new experiences. Field trips usually coincide with the monthly theme so as to add new dimensions to topics being learned. Some of our favorite field trips are the recycling center, bus station, dentist, grocery store, and the library. We also take monthly excursions across the street to Harmony Assisted Living to enjoy games, snacks, and good company.




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Sheboygan Day Care

Strongly Recommended

Child's Play was strongly recommended by a few friends and family members and now I see why.

It is such a comforting feeling to know that your child is in great hands- the teachers are wonderful and our son truly enjoys going to daycare every day. He just "lights up" each morning when asked if he's ready for school. He is learning so much from the teachers at Child's Play.

Our friends and family are so impressed with how well he communicates and the sign language he knows. Child's Play has a great program in place I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Julie L.