Child's Play Day Care



Baby's First Day At Child's Play

Please bring the following items with you on your child's first day:

Please label ALL of these items. We have plenty of blankets, bibs, burb cloths and wash cloths. You may bring in a special blanket or stuffed animal if you wish.

Baby's Schedule

Your infant is an individual. So, in this room, we follow your baby's schedule. That is why it is so important to carefully fill out your Intake For Under 2 Years form along with their daily intake.

More Than Naps

While feedings and naps take up the bulk of the day, we do try to squeeze in some art and outside fun when we can. Our art projects usually involve the painting of tiny hands and feet! When weather permits, we go outside for buggy rides. Be sure to send along any appropriate clothing and gear.

Infant Medication

Please remember that your child must be showing symptoms in order for us to give the medication. Medication that needs to be mixed in a bottle must be mixed at Child's Play by the teacher. An Authorization to Administer Medication Form must be completed before any medication is left at the Center. The forms can be found in the entryway in the chest of drawers.

Baby of the Month

Each month, we spotlight a child on our window. When it is your child's turn, you will receive an information sheet to fill out and return. We will also need pictures of your child, family, friends, etc., to display. The number of photos is up to you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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Sheboygan Day Care

Time, Care, Compassion

Our preemies are quickly catching up to their peers, we believe this is due in-part to the time, care and compassion of their loving teachers.

Erin K.