Child's Play Day Care


2 Year Old


Our developmentally appropriate curriculum for 2 year olds builds upon previously learned skills with a stronger emphasis on the content areas.  Monthly themes provide the framework for lessons, projects, enrichment, and parental involvement in all areas of growth and development.


Your child, at 2 years of age, is increasingly using language to express thoughts, feelings, and wants.  Our teachers work to encourage and model appropriate language in a variety of contexts including sign language.  Through books, songs, and dramatic play your child participates in repetitive and imaginative language interaction.  At snack and meal times children and teachers engage in social conversations with one another.

Hands-On Learning

Our 2 year olds are continuously involved in hands-on activities.  Exploration of various art materials is encouraged on an almost daily basis.  Cooking experiences are shared with your child.  Age appropriate toys and manipulatives facilitate development of small motor skills.  Group games, outside play, and neighborhood walks aid in gross motor development.

Mental/Social Stimulation

At 2 years of age, children need to express their individuality and independence.  Decision making emerges at this age.  Child's Play supports your child with guidance, nurturing, understanding, and encouragement.

Toilet Training

Toilet training starts in our youngest 2 year old room. Your child is invited to use the toilet with each diaper change. Our teachers encourage toilet training only if your child is interested and developmentally ready. In the older 2 year old room, toilet training becomes more of a focus. Daily activity sheets or classroom charts let you know about your child's toilet use and/or diaper changes for the day. We even have child-size toilets to make your child feel more at ease.




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Sheboygan Day Care
Exceeded Expectations

The staff and instructors at Child’s Play have exceeded our expectations.

Our daughter enjoys the variety of activities that are planned and looks forward to each day. The large outdoor areas give her room to run and the experienced instructors support her mental and emotional growth.

Child’s Play really does feel like an extension of our family.

Jason and Jennifer F.